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Work Experience

We currently have four trainee Chartered Accountants working in our offices and are always looking for more, if you want to see the day to day life of an Accountant make sure you complete our application form 

If you are a Sixth former or University Student looking for 1 full weeks work experience as part of your course, our Sutton office on the A217 will be happy to provide this experience subject to you applying via the below "Apply Now" button and completing the 2 part application. A short form survey and a video introduction.  

You do not need to over complicate your answers to the 6 questions nor do you need to provide more than 10 seconds for the video presentation, just introduce yourself, state you are looking for work experience and when you intend to complete this work experience should you be successful. 

We are equally happy to offer this opportunity to those who have recently left Sixth Form or graduated from University, to help you decide whether Accountancy is for you.

You will be based in our Sutton office, location can be found on our Contact Us page 

Hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

* We are currently no longer taking applications for the weeks commencing 3rd July 2023 and 10th July 2023 as we have already accepted applicants for these weeks. 

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